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Managing an editorial team is hard without visibility into how they’re performing, and how their stories are resonating with readers. can help everyone pull in the same direction by giving managers, journalists, editors, writers, and authors quick access to easy-to-use data analytics.

They’ll save time understanding the impact their stories have, make smarter publishing decisions, and prove the value their content has to the business.

Let data guide your
content creators

Make data-driven content decision-making the norm

Track the right
content metrics

Know what content your readers really respond to

React fast to breaking news
and events

Beat the competition to capture reader attention

Get personal with
your audience

Know what works for different reader segments and GEOs

Prove content RETURN

Showcase the value of what you publish to the business

let data guide your content creators

Make it easy for editorial teams to understand how their stories are performing

In today’s digital newsroom, content efforts that aren’t guided by data are often ineffective and fall flat with readers. helps even non-analysts make data-driven decisions about what to write about without having to wade through hard-to-use analytics platforms like Google Analytics for answers.

“… you can spend just 10 minutes of training with and get the basics of how to use it. For our journalists, can quickly surface insights. [It’s also] powerful enough to be a serious contender in heavy-hitting data-crunching and analysis.”

— Josh Awtry, Vice President for Content Strategy, Gannett

Track the right content metrics

Help journalists understand how readers engage with your brand across channels

By tracking and reporting on important metrics like how long readers interact with your content (engaged time) and where they click next after reading an article (recirculation rate), Analytics helps you create a more engaging digital experience for new and returning visitors.

“[’s] engaged time [metric]… aligns the priorities of readers, advertisers, and our editorial team. If readers spend more time with content that they value, they’ll be more likely to view more ads while they’re reading, share our content, and join our membership program.”

— David Stern, Director of Product Development, Slate
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React fast to breaking news and events

Take advantage of breaking news to grab and hold readers’ attention

When big news and world-shaking events happen,’s real-time data and alerts make it a breeze for editors and authors to react fast to what’s trending—in minutes, not hours or days—before audiences go elsewhere for the latest.

“I use every day at my job. It helps articulate in real-time the traffic on a website that needs to deliver information to its users as fast as possible. I monitor and use the software/website constantly throughout my entire day. I personally use it for a website that sees millions of users every month.”

—Social media strategist, broadcast media company

Get personal with your audience

Gain a deeper understanding of the audiences who read your content

The content you create will always be more effective and resonate better with readers when it’s personal, no matter where they are. makes it easy for content creators to break down what works and what doesn’t work for different reader groups, customer segments, and GEOs.

“We were able to look at the geo-segmentation and decide what stories are resonating, so we could pitch them or promote them. The ability to break things down by region—especially when cross-referenced against’s range of metric-users, engaged time, social referrals and interactions—is priceless.”

—Katie Boyce, Managing Editor of Digital, Bloomberg
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Prove content ROI

Go beyond pageviews to report on how well your content is performing knows pageviews are old news when it comes to proving how well your content is performing with readers or justifying investment in your editorial team. Metrics like engaged time, recirculation rate, and conversions tell a much more compelling story.

“We’ve reduced the time to identify trending content that is driving meaningful conversions—we can promote and boost days ahead of when we could do it previously. This has led to a 20% improvement in conversions. Conversion data in also enables us to quickly identify when content ceases to be performative—we save 5-10% of spend by being able to rapidly identify content that is losing steam.”

—David Grossman, Chief Marketing Officer, Backstage
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For years, journalists, writers, and editors have lived by certain rules—rules that made sense when all of their work was published in print form in a newspaper, magazine, guide or book. But those rules have shifted, and now you need to know what will create success in the digital age. allows you to report and create, package and distribute, assess and participate in reader reaction, and amplify/predict/inform readers all in a seamless cycle.

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Let data guide content creators

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Track the right content metrics

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React fast to breaking news and events

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