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Can you prove your content is valuable?

Content Conversions empowers you to maximize the impact of your work. Forget random acts of marketing — and say hello to content-driven growth. Show your boss that content inspires action in a few clicks.

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Create content that works

Whether you’re leading a team or a member of one, Content Conversions makes it easy for you and everyone else to see what content is driving results. Tie your content strategy to key business KPIs.

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Act on your own success

Newsrooms and content teams act on fast-twitch muscle, responding to what’s trending and capitalizing on that. Page views are fantastic, but you need more to tell the whole story.

Content Conversions gives you quick updates on data that’s closer to the high-value actions that drive your business forward. Empower yourself to move quickly on the information that allows you to seize momentum.

Content attribution doesn’t need to be hard

Our Content Conversions is easy to start using in just a few minutes. It’s also built with the flexibility to allow you to dive deep into what drives results.

Different Events for Conversions
Flexible events

Choose from a broad range of pre-built conversion types such as newsletter signups, purchases, and referral links—or use your own custom events.

Attribution models for content conversions
Multiple attribution models

Whether you want to give credit to what first impacted a reader, the last page accessed before converting, or every page in between—we’ve got you covered.

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