Our mission is to ensure the work you do makes the impact it deserves

working hard
working hard

We are a talented, distributed team focused on clarifying audience data for our clients.

At Parse.ly, we value actions over experience, innovation over tradition, results over potential, and simplicity over intricacy. We distribute our work, we communicate openly, we treat each other with respect, we value results, not effort, and we enjoy what we do.

We hang out as a team twice a year

With our remote-first workstyle, we don't always get to see each other. But when we do, we make the most of it!

How we work

We are a team of individuals doing incredible work that contribute to the success of our company. Parse.ly’s mission is to empower others companies to do the same, because the work each employee does matters - and we use the power of data to prove it.

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Fully Remote, But Here For Each Other

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Experience our awesome culture first-hand, and empower the world with audience data.

Meet the Team

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Team member: Brian Abelson
Brian Abelson
Senior Software Engineer
Team member: Martin Akram
Martin Akram
Software Engineer
Team member: Rebecca Allen
Rebecca Allen
Demand Gen Manager
Team member: Jason Andrada
Jason Andrada
Software Engineer
Team member: Matthew Balek
Matthew Balek
Business Development Representative
Team member: Matt Bengtsson
Matt Bengtsson
Account Executive
Team member: Melissa Bierly
Melissa Bierly
Director of Product
Team member: Daniela Bloch
Daniela Bloch
Product Manager
Team member: Keith Bourgoin
Keith Bourgoin
Chief Technology Officer
Team member: Emily Boyd
Emily Boyd
Business Development Representative
Team member: Will Burgess
Will Burgess
Software Engineer
Team member: Emmett Butler
Emmett Butler
Director of Engineering
Team member: Andrew Butler
Andrew Butler
Content Marketing Specialist
Team member: David Cardiel
David Cardiel
VP of Marketing
Team member: Ryan Clover
Ryan Clover
Account Executive
Team member: Hayley Clover
Hayley Clover
Business Development Representative
Team member: Krystal Doggett
Krystal Doggett
Accounts Receivable Analyst
Team member: Alex Dunner
Alex Dunner
Head of Sales and Marketing Operations
Team member: Salvatore Gionfriddo
Salvatore Gionfriddo
Director of Engineering
Team member: Colin Hakanson
Colin Hakanson
Account Executive
Team member: Caroline Harrison
Caroline Harrison
Office Manager
Team member: Shannon Hawari
Shannon Hawari
Head of Business Development
Team member: Cody Hiar
Cody Hiar
Backend Engineer
Team member: Nacho Iglesias
Nacho Iglesias
Customer Support Engineer
Team member: Laura Kalnicky
Laura Kalnicky
Technical Integration Manager
Team member: Sachin Kamdar
Sachin Kamdar
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Team member: Jessica Kellogg
Jessica Kellogg
Software Engineer
Team member: Conrad Lee
Conrad Lee
Machine Learning Engineer
Team member: Lisa Levitt
Lisa Levitt
Finance Manager
Team member: John Levitt
John Levitt
VP of Customer Success
Team member: Claudia Lichtenberg
Claudia Lichtenberg
Account Executive
Team member: Alexander Lourenco
Alexander Lourenco
Senior Software Engineer
Team member: Annelise Lynch
Annelise Lynch
Senior Software Engineer
Team member: Adelle McElveen
Adelle McElveen
Product Manager
Team member: Scott McGill
Scott McGill
Customer Success Manager
Team member: Brendan McGreenery
Brendan McGreenery
Business Development Representative
Team member: Amanda Medeiros
Amanda Medeiros
Software Engineer
Team member: Nelson Monserrate
Nelson Monserrate
Senior Software Engineer
Team member: Andrew Montalenti
Andrew Montalenti
Founder & Chief Product Officer
Team member: Leta Montopoli
Leta Montopoli
Software Engineer
Team member: Alexander Ose
Alexander Ose
Software Engineer
Team member: Carlo Palomino
Carlo Palomino
VP of Sales
Team member: Jason Parikh
Jason Parikh
Chief Financial Officer
Team member: Flavius Popan
Flavius Popan
Software Engineer
Team member: Benjamin Probert
Benjamin Probert
Senior Account Executive
Team member: Benjamin Renert
Benjamin Renert
Customer Success Manager
Team member: Andy Rhinehart
Andy Rhinehart
Director of Customer Support
Team member: Marguerite Roth
Marguerite Roth
Software Engineer
Team member: Manny Ruan
Manny Ruan
Business Development Representative
Team member: Stephanie Schwartz
Stephanie Schwartz
Strategy and Education Manager
Team member: Allison Simmons
Allison Simmons
Finance Associate
Team member: Joshua Thompson
Joshua Thompson
Customer Support Engineer
Team member: Marcus Topel
Marcus Topel
Customer Support Engineer
Team member: Evan Twidwell
Evan Twidwell
Customer Support Engineer
Team member: Garrett Vercoe
Garrett Vercoe
Software Engineer
Team member: Bethie Willian
Bethie Willian
Executive Assistant
Team member: Chris Wisecarver
Chris Wisecarver
Software Engineer
Team member: Hannah Wolff
Hannah Wolff
Data Engineer
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