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Our easy-to-use API lets your team integrate recommendations into websites, apps, newsletters, and more.

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Whether you want to increase page views, engaged time, conversions, or more, our algorithm considers visitor behavior to fine-tune content recommendations based off what’s going to drive business impact.

Boost recirculation and content ROI with personalized recommendations

Get more from your content archive. Leverage content consumption, profiles, and behavioral patterns to deliver the most engaging content to your readers.

What customers are saying

We’ve seen an increase in fan interaction since we launched’s content personalization. It’s allowed us to build a widget that gives our visitors a glimpse into what content is truly trending amongst the fanbase.

Sam Flood
Manager of Digital Innovation,
Minnesota Timberwolves

They’ve saved us tons of time, from curation of newsletters to our ability to run reporting and do analysis with the click of a button. Our newsletter creation time is down from 1 hour down to 5 minutes.

Apartment Therapy Media

Slate has relied on’s recommendation API to row time-on-site and reader loyalty through several iterations of our site. It has powered everything from our most popular modules to personalized recirculation links to our queue of infinitely scrolling articles.

David Stern
VP of Product and Business Development, Slate

Cutting-edge natural language processing

At the end of 2022, we announced a major upgrade to the Content API: our new endpoint is the first product to commercially apply transformer models to create semantic understanding of your content. What does that mean? Our recommendations are more accurate.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Content API?

Make each user experience unique by showcasing your most popular content in real-time. Provide readers with tailored onsite experiences based on their interests to increase circulation and move users closer to your business goals.

What is predictive analysis?

Predictive analytics is a branch of advanced data analytics which is used to make predictions about future behavior based on the data acquired. incorporates predictive analytics into the Content API so you can make your content live longer online, resonate more with your audience, and help drive users to your business goals.

Why is content personalization important?

Content personalization is now, more than ever, the new standard in digital marketing and online storytelling. Improve the customer experience while driving users to take action on your site and lift your brand above the online noise.

How does’s content recommendation algorithm work? measures your website data and incorporates AI to analyze your content and provide the most relevant experience to your users. The algorithm considers visitor behavior, relevancy and the trending content on your site to provide the best experience, increasing the metrics you care about. Serve users more of what they care about and get started with today.