Content Matters 2023 Report

How content teams are driving growth, measuring what works, and thinking about the future

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It’s no secret that marketers are constantly challenged to engage readers on every marketing channel these days. But it’s not simply a case of publishing more and more content.

We’ve found the key is creating more quality content, informed by deep personalization and data-driven analytics, rather than gut instinct or random requests from other teams.

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Read our new Content Matters 2023 Report—it’s an exclusive survey of 1,500+ marketers around the world and across B2B/B2C industries.

You’ll find out the trends and tech fueling content teams’ budgets and strategies over the next year.

Here’s just some of what we uncovered:

  • Resources: Despite economic uncertainty, teams and budgets are still growing. In fact, 58% expect to see their content budgets increase in 2023.
  • Strategy: Six in 10 plan to create more content, but the battle cry is now “quality over quantity” with personalization the driver.
  • Analytics: Proving the value of content by analyzing its performance is key, but only little more than one in three are using data to decide that. And Google Analytics isn’t helping.

For insights and advice you’ll find nowhere else, get our Content Matters 2023 Report PDF. After all, content really does matter—to you, to your audience, and to your C-Suite.

“Getting companies to invest in content marketing internally is not easy. Many people think of content marketing as PR and sales-type blog content. They don’t understand how effective content marketing can lead to purchases, build a sales funnel, reach your audience, and retain existing customers—all factors that affect sales and monetization.”

—Director of Content Marketing