How Content Format Impacts Audience Engagement

Video has long been hyped as “the next big thing,” guaranteed to drive revenue to struggling online media sites. But, putting out video with no strategy, and assuming it will work, is not smart or sustainable.

This Authority Report takes a closer look at the success of video and other common media formats, including short-form, long-form and slideshows, to see if the overall impact of a piece of content is connected in any way to its layout.

In this Authority Report, we look at the following questions:

  • Which post format earns the most engaged time?
  • What topics are most commonly covered by each format?
  • As video programs continue to grow, has the hype trumped the online media industry’s concern for user experience?
  • How do Facebook and Google perform as referral sources for each type of post?
  • Which post format is most attractive to new visitors? Returning visitors?

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