Save 30 minutes a week with a new workflow makes it easy for your whole organization to rally around the same audience attention data. With that in mind, we hosted a set of three educational webinars based on the teams we see use the analytics dashboard the most.

Each webinar provides a walk-through of how you can use the dashboard most efficiently for your role. You’ll learn new ways to uncover data and how to use that data in your day-to-day to save you precious time. Check out the recordings to learn more!

Content distribution, content marketing

Learn how you can use your audience data to decide on where to distribute your content, see new ways you can engage with your audience to grow brand love, and get a look at how you can use campaign data to save you time.

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Content studios, advertising, and sales

See how you can use at every stage of the sales funnel. Learn how to impress prospects, how you can get RFPs out the door faster, and easy ways to delight customers.

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Editorial teams, reporters

Get a look at how you can up your editorial game by using quick report setups, access to social engagement data, and how you can incorporate video data into your content strategy.

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