Learning to Swim in a Sea of Data: Content Analytics

We’re drowning in data. If you work as a content strategist, in media, or a marketer, you probably have access to more data than you can reasonably interpret. How do you decide what to focus on? What should you actually be measuring? What data is the most efficient and useful for your goals?

Enter the Content Marketer’s Funnel. We’re introducing a framework for measuring the impact of your content strategies. Marketers use a marketing funnel or buyer’s journey model to understand their objectives and key metrics. The Content Marketer’s Funnel presents a similar framework for content and marketing strategists.

In this on-demand webinar, two revenue marketers discuss the different types of content at every stage of the funnel and how to measure your content’s performance. This webinar discusses topics like:

  • What is the impact of content on a brand?
  • What digital metrics should we be measuring?
  • How does content impact a business’ bottom line?

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