How to Prove the Value of your Content

In the world of endless digital noise we live in, proving the true value of your content strategy is more important than ever. There’s not one way to execute a content strategy, there’s literally millions of ways. Whether you’re writing a blog, an ebook, an article, or deploying a video, having the right data to make informed content decisions only improves your overall strategy. But having the data to prove the value and impact of your work is imperative to ensure continued investment in the most important strategies.

Our speakers, Clare Carr, VP of Marketing at Chief and John Levitt, General Manager at, discuss tips for proving and showing the long-term value of your work.

In this webinar, you’ll hear about:

  • Deciding what to measure and why
  • Tips for how to capture and prove value
  • Why understanding and communicating value is important
  • Understanding the stages of awareness and funnel psychology
  • Leveraging data to improve content across the buyer’s journey