Creating Pipeline from Content: How to Drive Revenue with Content Analytics

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More and more customers are focusing their time and energy on search engines because they can’t rely solely on social traffic. Nonetheless, it is important to diversify your traffic sources and understand which content works best for you and your organization across all channels. Being able to analyze which content works best on which platform can be a frustrating and difficult task, but not impossible. 

During this session at the Content Marketing Institute’s virtual summit, ContentRev, Stephanie Schwartz discusses how content analytics is helping a new generation of data-driven marketers make better decisions about what content to create and how to promote it. Stephanie also walks through how to measure content’s ROI to truly understand its impact on the business. 

Watch the recording to learn learn: 

  • Content can be a revenue driver if you have access to the right data and analytics
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment based upon the data you’re seeing
  • A great content strategy needs three things: people, process, and technology. Without all three, great content won’t be produced that creates great outcomes.