Content Matters 2022 Report

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Get the data that explains the “why?” of content marketing

The last two years have changed the way businesses reach their customers and content teams are cranking out more content than ever before. With so much time and resources going into content, what if it wasn’t delivering the results you expected?

We surveyed over 800 content marketers to uncover the latest trends in content marketing, including how businesses are driving growth with content, measuring content performance, and thinking about the future.

The Content Matters 2022 Report dives into major takeaways, including:

  • More people are creating more content—and spending more money doing so.
  • Content chiefly drives top-of-funnel activities—like brand awareness on owned channels.
  • Everyone wants to do more video—if they only had the resources.
  • Almost half don’t know how their content is performing—leaving them making key content decisions by gut feel.
  • Tracking revenue back to content is hard—really hard.