How To Do Better Content Marketing: Understanding Your Target Audience

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You can’t create a repeatable, revenue-driven content strategy without having a deep understanding of your customer. Researching your audience should go beyond knowing the industries, companies, and job titles that typically purchase your product. You need to know what drives your customer to make a purchase.

What are their biggest pain points? What choices do they have? How does content influence their purchase decision?

In this guide, Chapter 2 of our How To Do Better Content Marketing series, we walk through how to get a deep understanding of your target audience to create content that resonates and ultimately converts them to customers.

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  • Analyze customer data to understand what your audience cares about and how they engage with content
  • Research your competitive landscape, including industry trends and top keywords, and how to tap into social listening
  • Define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) so you have a repeatable playbook for creating successful content

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