Measuring Content ROI: How to Make the Case for a Bigger Budget in 2022

You know your content is crucial to driving revenue but does the rest of your organization? As businesses gear up for 2022, executives are looking to invest in strategies that yield the biggest results and cut funding to the ones that don’t. Don’t let content get thrown into the “nice-to-have” bucket and risk losing your budget next year.

In this on-demand webinar, we brought together marketing executives to learn how they budget for content, including the tools and metrics they use to measure content’s performance and prove ROI. The topics they covered include:

  • Why businesses can’t grow without a content strategy backed by data & analytics
  • Which metrics to track to prove your content is driving revenue
  • How to ask for a bigger budget (and get it)

Now’s the time to evaluate this year to see how your content has impacted the bottom line and leverage that data to secure an even bigger budget for next year. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Meet the Experts

Lindsey Tishgart, Chief Marketing Officer, InsightSquared

Lindsey Tishgart is a senior marketing leader who enjoys helping companies establish and strengthen their brands. She’s currently CMO of InsightSquared, a revenue intelligence software company, where she is focused on full-funnel marketing programs, supporting the revenue team from lead to opportunity, cross-sell to renewal. Lindsey joined InsightSquared through the acquisition of Olono. Prior to that, she’s spent her 20+ year career partnering with a wide range of companies from startups to Fortune 500, SaaS to live music and entertainment.

Jary Carter, Chief Revenue Officer, WordPress VIP

Jary Carter is the Chief Revenue Officer of WordPress VIP, where he oversees Sales, Marketing and go-to-market strategy. He is also the Co-Founder of Oro, the creators of OroCommerce. Prior to founding Oro, Jary was the Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Channel for Magento where he was responsible for Magento’s commercialization efforts. He is a proven leader in open source with a clear understanding of Customer Experience Management. Jary received his B.A. in Marketing from Brigham Young University and his Masters of Business Administration from The Ohio State University.