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Go to form’s product team has been busy in 2021—and we’d like to help you make the most of these new features. Nobody has extra time in 2021, so we doubled down on building products that make it simple for you to win with your content. We’ll be keeping this webinar simple, too. 

You’re welcomed to an invite-only event on Wednesday, October 27, 2021 at 12:00 PM EST covering new features, how you can use them to drive value, and updates on our company. 

We’ll be covering these new ways we help you win with your content:

  • Conversions update: it’s faster now, helping you capitalize on momentum.
  • Goals: new feature helping make team alignment simple and strategic.
  • Smart tags: new feature using AI to make content tagging easy. 
  • Audience segments: updates to isolating a subset of users for deeper analysis.
  • Crawl: new ML-based crawler that extracts metadata without needing site updates.
  • Integrations: improvements in our integrations that accelerate time-to-value. 
  • Delighters: new UI features that make life easier (dark mode!)

Join Andrew Montalenti, CTO, Keith Bourgoin, Vice President of Engineering, and Doyle Irvin, Product Marketing Manager. We’ll be walking through each update with examples of how they are being used by customers.

Meet the Speakers:

Andrew Montalenti

Andrew Montalenti, Founder & Chief Product Officer

Andrew was's founding CTO, and he led the company through its early R&D, fundraising, and initial scale-up growth/hiring periods. He now leads the company's product strategy and vision as CPO. Prior to starting, Andrew graduated with a Computer Science degree from NYU; focused on distributed systems and web services as a software engineer at Morgan Stanley; and ran a boutique software consulting firm that served clients in NYC and beyond. He enjoys reading and writing at the interaction of media, tech, open-source, and startups. 

Keith Bourgoin

Keith Bourgoin, VP Engineering

Keith has been with since 2011 and seen it grow from a five-person startup to what it is today. He's gone from backend engineer to VP Engineering and then CTO, helping build our core processing systems along the way. Keith studied Computer Science at Case Western Reserve University, where he got his Master's degree with a focus in machine learning and information retrieval. Keith helps maintain open-source software, such as PyKafka, Streamparse, and the Android SDK. In his spare time, he enjoys a good cup of tea and reading about history. 

Doyle Irving

Doyle Irvin, Product Marketing Manager

Doyle recently joined the team to lead product marketing. Prior to, Doyle helped drive product marketing at WordPress VIP, and was employee #7 at the natural language processing startup, Predii, which builds information extraction into servicing products for global automotive OEMs. Doyle studied English at American University. He is passionate about structured information, the internet, content, and culture, and he enjoys hosting potlucks.

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