Campaign tracking

See how your audience is engaging with marketing campaigns in real time by tracking UTM codes and other popular parameters.

The Campaigns page shows metrics on the top performing
                  campaigns, mediums, sources, content, and terms.
Learn how to set up campaign tracking

Don’t waste your budget on meaningless clicks

How long do people actively read or watch your content after they click through?

See which ads, social promotions, and partnerships foster deep audience engagement, so you can make informed decisions about what to promote and where.

Dig into the details of an individual campaign and see how it affected
                              engaged time, page views, returning and new visitors, and more.

React to campaign successes or stalls in real time

You’re always one click away from seeing how campaigns are performing right now. Immediately access the information you need and share it with your colleagues in a dead-simple interface.

Decode dark traffic

Don’t let traffic from instant messages, texts, and emails get lumped in with direct referrers. Add campaign parameters to newsletter and share button links for a more accurate view of traffic makeup.

Hone in on campaigns the instant they gather steam.  You don’t have to spend hours pulling reports anymore.

Work with your favorite tracking codes

There's no need to change your tracking code structure for your campaigns to show up in The dashboard automatically pulls in parameters you're used to.

Track your marketing camaigns with real-time analytics today.