3 Reasons Why Smaller Content Teams Need Parse.ly

With more company research and transactions happening online than ever before, businesses are relying on content marketing as a means to influence buying decisions and build relationships with customers. But that doesn’t mean every company has the resources and budget to create a content marketing program with an army of writers and strategists. 

Many content teams are modest, one or two people only, publishing a few pieces every month. Even with tight budgets and limited resources, they’re still on the hook to create content that provides audience value and moves the needle for business.

Traditionally, to understand the impact of their content efforts, these smaller teams have hacked together solutions in antiquated platforms like Google Analytics. Unfortunately, more often than not, these end up a hindrance rather than a benefit, especially for resource-strapped teams.

Don’t let analytics hold you back

In today’s content-saturated, digital-first economy where using content to influence your audience is more crucial than ever, smaller teams need purpose-built content analytics solutions like Parse.ly to keep pace. 

Here are three reasons why investing in Parse.ly will be the best decision your content team makes this year.  

Save time making data-driven decisions around content creation and distribution

Understandably, traditional, hard-to-use web analytics tools leave many content marketers thinking analytics is a lost cause. 

If you’re flummoxed by Google Analytics or relying on an analyst to crunch the numbers for you, you’re wasting precious hours waiting for reports and data queries to answer simple questions about your content. 

Parse.ly was built to minimize the time you spend measuring your content’s impact—so you can do what you do best: creating engaging content. Instead of worrying how to get the right data, we help you focus on what to actually do with it. 

“Parse.ly is easier to track and to understand for me than the features that Google Analytics offers.” TrustRadius Review

“Parse.ly is easy to navigate, which makes it easier to dig into the data to learn more about uses: where they came from, how they found you, and how long they stayed.”TrustRadius review

Save time with Parse.ly by receiving automated reports, accessing saved data views, gauging performance at a glance on the overview screen, identifying and repurposing evergreen content, and more. Build the data-driven content strategy you need to succeed without getting bogged in number-crunching.

Show content ROI to build your case for more resources

If you’re running your company’s content marketing program alone or with just one or two others, your job would certainly be easier with more budget and headcount. But making that case to your boss can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the right data to prove your impact.

The key is showing your content marketing is in lock-step with company goals and KPIs. And that means speaking the language of the business. Budget holders need to see how effectively your content is driving subscriptions, newsletter signups, downloads, purchases, and ultimately revenue before they approve your requests. 

That’s where Parse.ly Content Conversions come in. They put numbers behind important conversion actions and ultimately show how your content drives revenue. 

Parse.ly’s conversions engine tracks every step of your user’s content journey, up to their final converting action. We equip you with multiple attribution models, so you can analyze and share what is driving results. If you want to value the first piece of content that caught someone’s attention, the last one they read before they finally decided to make their move—or every piece of content in between, it’s your call. 

In the end, with conversion facts and figures on hand, you’ll show your boss and management just how much your content contributes to the bottom line—and bolster your case for more resources.

Define success to shape your content strategy as you grow

Small content teams looking to find areas for growth need to experiment and iterate fast. But you can’t grow what you don’t measure.

Parse.ly allows you to experiment and then identify what’s working (or not) over the past month, quarter or year. You’ll know which posts, topics, or channels are creating the most engagement and impact. 

Then recreate or duplicate your biggest successes. You can even use Parse.ly to set content goals so you stay on track. Armed with all this intelligence, you’ll build your case for more resources. After all, who doesn’t want to show executive stakeholders month-by-month improvement?

“Parse.ly guides our news team on content that is doing well, in real time, helping to inform decisions about what stories to cover in future, enabling us to set targets to help us achieve growth in our online audience. By setting up reports, we can swiftly inform all team members how we are faring and how their stories are doing, encouraging them to continue posting content that our audience appreciates.” TrustRadius review from Director at small news organization

A final word

For modest content teams, every piece of content needs to make maximum impact. Your content analytics solution should be your best partner here, allowing you to define your successes, find ways to build on them in the future—and make the data-driven case to executive stakeholders for more resources. 

If you are a small content team trying to make a big impact, you need to make sure that every “at bat” to impact your audience and your business is a hit and not a strikeout. You can only do that if you can easily and efficiently build off of what you measure.

Want to learn more about how Parse.ly is helping small but mighty content teams save time, prove their impact, and expand their programs?