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Real-time, high-volume data streaming and reliable data storage's Data Pipeline enables your team to analyze and act on large amounts of granular content data as it's generated. We'll keep that data around so you can do historical analysis, too.

Perform custom analysis with tools you already use

We'll fit right into your analytics stack, letting you store, format, and query your data however you want. Get started on finding answers instead of learning a new tool.

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Save time on your pipeline

We clean and transform the data for you, so your BI and Data Science teams can focus on analysis.

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What customers are saying

Getting access to this data used to be painful — excruciatingly painful. Not anymore. has gone out of its way to make our data readily available and queryable, working with us to implement a data pipeline that takes no maintenance on our end.
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Haile Owusu
Former Chief Data Scientist, Mashable offers us a pretty unique view of our active subscribers because we don’t have any other tools that actively track of retention.

We can see what types of stories subscribers are reading, how much time they’re spending on the site, and what referral sources they come from.
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Indu Chandrasekhar
Director of Audience Development, WIRED

At this point, I can't imagine digital audience optimization without that green leaf on one of my tabs.

Our growth efforts here are greatly benefitted by the data and reports provided through the platform.
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Caitlin Duffy
Director of Audience and Social, NationSwell
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