+ WPVIP Customer FAQ

We’re here to answer your questions about the announcement that is joining forces with WordPress VIP, the enterprise division of Automattic.

I’m a customer, and I just read this news. What happens now?

Nothing! All of’s services continue to operate, and with a bigger support team than ever before! We also have many key investments planned spanning research, development, engineering, and design.

I’m worried that might evolve in a “WordPress-specific” direction, but our site doesn’t use WordPress. Is this a valid concern? is now and will continue to be CMS-agnostic. Whether you use Drupal, AEM, Gatsby, or even multiple CMSes, will continue to work across all of them.

Whenever I hear about acquisitions, I’m worried that the tools I rely upon daily will change. How will change from this acquisition?

The primary way we will change is by having more investment, more support staff, and more development resources than ever before. If was a safe choice for your business in 2020, we believe it is an even safer choice for your business in 2021. We will continue to ship innovative new features (and products) for our customers, now with the backing of one of the open web’s biggest champions, Automattic.

I’m a customer or am actively considering using, will the pricing model change?

There are no proposed changes to the pricing model, and any proposals or renewals you are currently discussing with the team will be honored.

I love the support, onboarding, training and success team. Does this mean I’m going to lose my key contacts?

No, in fact you’re going to get even more love and support! WPVIP is committed to helping us do more through additional hiring and resources to help our customers achieve even greater results moving forward.

What about the staff?

The team is “all-in” on this partnership. This acquisition means that we can fulfill our vision faster and with more confidence. We will be here to support you.

Have more questions?

Contact Support or your account executive.