Data Pipeline

Within minutes, access your analytics in an easy-to-query and use data format.

Data pipeline illustration. We can track and collect your data,
                  clean and enrich it, and you own the clean, structured, first-party
                  data source so your team can analyze directly.
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How the Data Pipeline works

Our data collection infrastructure collects, enhances, and streams real-time user and content data to your warehouse.

1. We track and collect

Leverage's JavaScript and native mobile trackers to collect data on all of your sites and apps. Our proven distributed data infrastructure ensures every event is captured reliably.

2. We clean and enrich

As clickstream events arrive, we automatically enrich them, adding attributes like device type and geographic region. We deliver the enriched events in real-time to a Kinesis Stream hosted in AWS, and archive them in an S3 Bucket.

3. You own and analyze

You can use the data streams directly in AWS or integrate them with Redshift, BigQuery or other tools using our open source recipes. You now own a clean, structured, first-party data source that your team can analyze directly.

An ideal data source for tools you love

Whether you use an in-house database or any number of other analytics engines,'s data formats work well everywhere. Events follow a simple JSON format that will import easily.

Streaming access to real-time, bulk access to historic

Stream every single raw event in real-time and bulk- process or bulk-download all of your historical data in a matter of minutes.

Control and customize your data

Control and customization allows you to enrich and transform it before storing it in your warehouse. has gone out of its way to make our data readily available and queryable, working with us to implement a data pipeline that takes no maintenance on our end.

Understanding site data is critical to our business, but the particular work of our data science team often requires access to the more granular data that underpins dashboards and reports. Getting access to this data used to be painful — excruciatingly painful. Not anymore.

Haile Owusu — Chief Data Scientist
Case Study
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Use cases

Data science

Uncover your most valuable user segments.

Product buildouts

Build real-time analytics, adtech, and predictive functionality.

Business intelligence

Create custom dashboards for every team.

Complex analysis

You can leave the day-to-day reports to's dashboard.

Audience models

Analyze subscriber or loyal audience engagement.

Executive reporting

Focus your teams around a single stream of data.

Get access to your raw data in minutes.