Video analytics can show you the whole picture

Video and text make up your content strategy. Why not measure it all in one place?

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Quickly identify articles that include video; find posts that might benefit from added video content or increased distribution

Track key metrics for your videos: visits, plays, and minutes watched.

Understand the audience for each video, even if it appears in multiple places across your site

Compare multiple videos within one article; improve playlists and monitor readers’ actions after clicking on the first video

Easily integrate using one of our trusted video platform providers

Get your video analytics directly in your dashboard by using one of our easy integration partners.

Screenshot of video listings — view all videos on your
                          site and track how they are doing.

Get incredible insight into your audience

Whether it's video, text, or another format, make sure that you have access to analytics that gives anyone on your team the ability to understand and act on what your audience is telling you.'s dashboard provide context for video, posts, authors, sections, tags, referring traffic, and more.

Tour the dashboard to see how everything works together.

Keep your analytics up to speed with your video production efforts

Data from our network of 1000+ content-based sites has shown that producing video doesn't automatically mean your audience will engage with it.

Make sure you’re setting your video program up for success by providing easy access to the analytics that will prove what works and improve what doesn’t for anyone that needs it: from content creators to the development team.

Screenshot of video listings — view all videos on your
                              site and track how they are doing.

Successful product development requires a deep understanding of audience behavior, and an authoritative source of video metrics will enable publishers to iterate faster.

Austin Smith — CEO, Alley Interactive

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