Reflections on DreamIt Ventures 2009

Wow, it is hard to believe that this summer is almost over.   It seems like Cog Tree just moved to Philadelphia for the summer last week!   But a lot has happened and we’re really proud of what we created.   Let me try and breakdown the summer to give you an idea of how quickly we moved:

May 23rd – Moved to Philadelphia to participate in DreamIt Ventures’ second program for the summer.

June 1st – We knew that information overload was a serious problem, and that innovative technologies could be applied to help manage content online.   Though we had an idea of WHO it was affecting the most, we weren’t quite sure about HOW this was specifically affecting companies and people.   So, with the problem simmering in our heads, we went straight to the market to figure out what pain points existed and what solutions were available.   On the technology end, we had to bring a team together and start building out the prototype.

July 1st – Had an initial wireframe that was constructed directly from market feedback and major infrastructure work complete.

July 1st to August 1st – We went back to the market to ask questions about how our free tool could solve problems beyond any other free tool available.   And also asked about what demand there was for specific features that would be built on top of   From this user feedback, we built

August 13th – DemoDay 2009.

DreamIt Ventures was an outstanding program that allowed us to really dig deep into a problem that has persisted for the past few years.   We know that we have a solution that will save our users time and money.

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