New Feature: Easily create PDFs of what you’re looking at in

We’re thrilled to announce a new feature in the Dashboard that allows you to easily create PDFs of precisely what you’re looking at in the dashboard. We are calling this feature “Print,” and you’ll see the Print button handily placed at the top right-hand side of most pages in

This joins the broader group of features for extracting, sharing, and bookmarking data in the Dashboard. Previously existing options include Exporting the data as a spreadsheet or CSV, Scheduling reports or exports for delivery at some time in the future, and Saving views to keep your exact filters easily referenceable in the future.

Now, Print is joining this collection. This feature makes it easy to print what you’re looking at, or create more permanent files.

The Print feature in the Dashboard opens a pop up screen with a preview of your page view, and options to Save as PDF or print the page.

Where can I find it?

The options appear right above the statistics on most pages, as show in the image below.

Find the Print feature next to the Export, Schedule, and Save View buttons. The Print button is on the far right, just below the "Show posts by" filter.

What pages have these options?

The Export, Schedule, and Save View options are available on Pages, Authors, Sections, Tags, Campaigns, Segments, and Conversions.

The Print option is available on all pages in the dashboard. This includes the Overview, Pages, Authors, Sections, Tags, Campaigns, Referrers, Channels, Segments, and Conversions.

Where can I learn more? 

Read our docs about these features or contact us for a demo.