Content Curation

Content curation is the act of finding and sharing relevant in-house and external content for your audience. With content curation, companies deliver a wide variety of content to their readers.

What is content curation?

Content curation consists of finding material relevant to your audience from a variety of sources, and sharing it strategically through your communication channels. The shared content can be your own content or content created by others. Curated content appears in newsletters, related article lists, and social feeds.

Why is content curation important?

Content curation puts the most relevant and important content in front of your audience. Good content curation builds authority and trust in your brand while also increasing engagement with your content. Content curation also lets you get more out of the content you’ve already created as share evergreen or pillar content.

How does content curation work?

Content curation occurs wherever you share to your readers. This can be on your homepage, in related content widgets, in newsletters, or in social media feeds. Wherever you recommend content to your readers, you’re suggesting and curating content for your audience.

Content curation can be manual, automated, or a hybrid approach. Manual content curation requires handpicking content. Automated content curation picks content to share from a content database. This automated process can pick the latest content by topic, or it can use algorithms like the content recommendation API to curate the most engaging content.

Content curation and makes content curation easier and faster with our content API. You can curate content for broad audiences focusing on topic. You can also recommend content personalized to specific users. The content API also lets bias towards important content outcomes like more engagement, social shares, or conversions.