App Personalization

App personalization is offering users an experience tailored specifically to their preferences and behaviors.

What is app personalization?

App personalization is the process of creating an application that is tailored specifically to a particular audience or even to a specific reader. This can be done by targeting specific segments within a target market, or it can be done through the use of targeted personalization. The key difference between these two approaches is that targeted personalization focuses on individuals while segmentation app personalization targets groups or audiences.

Why is app personalization important?

App personalization is important because it helps build awesome user experience, and an awesome user experience is what makes an app successful. App personalization allows you to target your app experience to what will resonate most to that individual, group, or audience. A better app experience will increase the likelihood that your app will stand out from the crowd, and you users will use it regularly.

App personalization and enables app personalization on many levels with our content API. Using, you can personalize recommendations in your app to the user and the user’s preferences. can personalize based on user actions, demographic information, or contextual data.

App personalization examples

Many companies use app personalization to drive their recommendation and marketing systems. The most well-known are Netflix’s content recommendations, Amazon’s product recommendations, and Google’s search recommendations. In marketing, app personalization is used to target specific messaging to the user. This best-practice technique is why you get emails from companies greeting you with your name.