Follow the Leaders: Twitter Lists of Journalism, Media, and Data Experts

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When we surveyed digital media professionals to see what they would be focusing on in 2017, we weren’t entirely surprised that the role of journalism in society was their primary concern. The  The New York Times 2020 Report, for example, outlined goals for adapting  to”today’s changing media landscape.” Journalists, of course, offered reactions on Twitter.

Twitter has traditionally been an active hub for journalists to participate in conversations and consume industry news. As the dialogue about the changing media landscape unfolds, Twitter has continued to be a forum for discussion among media professionals.

On the flip side, the breadth of content shared on the platform poses challenges, from getting started as a new user to identifying conversations and accounts that are worth your time. We hoped to make it easier by providing a few jumping off points in the form of industry-centric Twitter lists.

Whether you’re a Twitter novice or pro, following some of these experts is one step you can take to keep an eye on the evolution of journalism and digital media.

Journalism Community

This list includes organizations that report on the journalism industry, aggregate journalism news, or operate in the non-profit and education sectors.

Full Twitter list: Journalism Community



tweet by Columbia Journalism Review


Media Journalists and Influencers

This list covers the spectrum from journalists who report on media news, influential (digital) publishing experts, and media-centric organizations.

Full Twitter list: Media Journalists & Influencers




tweet by Jason Kint

Data and Technology Experts

This list includes thought leaders who tweet about data, analytics, and/or technology, often  with a focus on how these fields intersect with journalism.

Full Twitter list: Data & Technology Experts



tweet by Data Science Central


Guide to Creating Your Own Twitter Lists

If you’re new to Twitter lists and are interested in creating your own, you can follow these steps to get started.

1) Navigate to your profile icon and select “Lists” from the drop-down menu.

creating a Twitter list

2) On the Lists page, click the “Create new list” button in the left-hand rail.

"Create a list" button on Twitter

3) Name your list (note: names need to be 25 characters or less). You can add an optional description and select if you’d like your list to be public or private.

naming your Twitter list

4) Search for accounts and add them to your list. Tweets by the accounts in your list will populate as you add. You can also  navigate to view list members and subscribers in the left hand-rail.

adding users to your Twitter list

Are there any industry  thought leaders and experts who you follow that are missing from these Twitter lists? Let us know! Share your feedback by tweeting @parsely.

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