Episode 11: GDPR Q&A

“The privacy reckoning.”

Andrew responds to a Q&A about GDPR, a set of data protection regulations granting consumers more access to their personal data, explaining how it might affect tech and media and what businesses should keep in mind as they prepare to comply.

Data that held our attention:

1:28 – What is GDPR and why does it matter?

2:58 – Under GDPR, individuals have more power to access the information that companies hold about them. How do you define “personal data?”

4:27 – Which kinds of companies are more likely to benefit from GDPR than others? Which are more likely to feel the pressure?

9:47 – What’s the difference between “Data Controllers” and “Data Processors”?

13:20 – In what ways will the regulations benefit the media, tech, and brands?

17:08 – How will the regulations affect the way brands and publishers build direct relationships with consumers—what Andrew calls the “Great Reckoning” in digital attention?

19:13 – Ahead of the deadline in May, what are a few things that business must consider to make sure that they’re compliant?

Show notes: