makes Content Conversions add-on free, helping companies monetize traffic to content

When we created, we made a bet on a new era of content. We believed that a great shift in digital attention would lead media companies to partner directly with their audience, rather than relying exclusively on advertising revenue. We believed that same shift would lead brands to put out their own information directly to customers, bypassing traditional gatekeepers.

In the last few weeks, our customers have been tested like never before. They have had to navigate uncertain and uncharted waters in their businesses, as a global crisis gripped nation after nation, and affected all economic activity.

But as we’ve learned, this crisis has also marked a dramatic shift in internet usage. Digital content — rather than being an afterthought for some businesses — is now the primary way humans are finding and sharing information at scale. Our own customers have seen an unprecedented 60% increase in their traffic, as measured by’s analytics technology which is installed on thousands of top sites, and which measures hundreds of millions of content journeys per day.

Weekly traffic to content for customers rose dramatically in March 2020, as reported in Axios.

But though traffic is up for media companies, ad revenue is down. We don’t think that’s fair, especially in this time where high-quality information and reporting is more vital than ever. Media companies need a way to monetize their traffic beyond ad impressions, and we can help.

And though traffic is up for marketers, too, many 2020 marketing programs, such as field and event marketing, have had their plans and budgets put on hold. That means everyone is adapting to this new era of digital-first and digital-only, and they need quality measures to prove that their content efforts are working.

In the midst of all of this, we’ve spoken directly with our customers, to better understand what problems they’re running into, and what can do to help. We’ve come up with a plan.

Making Content Conversions free

Here’s our plan: We’re offering our Content Conversions add-on (aka “content attribution”) for free from April 1st – May 31st  to help you gain clarity around your content and audience, and how that ties back to your business initiatives. Fill out this form or reach out to your account manager to learn more.

For our customers that are in the media and entertainment space, this add-on will let you measure the impact of your content on revenue and user actions beyond ad impressions.

For our customers that work in marketing, this add-on will help you prove the value of your content to your business.

At the center of our offering is a deep understanding of how your content strategy directly impacts concrete user actions, such as:

  • Newsletter signups
  • Subscriptions & paid content
  • Commerce revenue
  • For content marketers, webinar registrations & sales leads
Example Conversions report settings.

However, truly understanding all your content dimensions — authors, sections, tags, and traffic sources — and how they contribute to your site’s success has been incredibly difficult to figure out. Luckily, last year our team launched Content Conversions. This add-on can help all of our customers drive direct value out of the uncertainty that exists today and into the future.

Why are we giving Content Conversions away for free between April 1st and May 31st?

We want to give you the analytics, data, and insights you need. Not only to weather this storm, but also to come out on the other side of it stronger and more confident about your business.

All we ask is that to claim this offer, you complete this form and join us for a webinar with the founders one Wednesday in April 2020. This webinar will give an overview of the functionality and brief you on the set-up requirements to get data flowing for your own site and content.

What if I already paid for Content Conversions, or what if it doesn’t apply to my business?

If this offer does not apply to you, we can make one of the following add-ons available to your team in lieu of Content Conversions for the April 1st – May 31st period. Please email or your account manager directly and indicate which of these options you’re interested in:

  • Custom Audience Segment — set up a filtered view of your audience by subscriber, geo, & more
  • Trending Content API — integrate data on your live site to drive up on-site re-circulation
  • Content Recommendation API — deploy’s powerful content recommendation engine
  • Data Pipeline & Raw Data Export — deliver raw data about content & audience to your analyst team
  • Apple News — enable a new view of your off-site traffic in Apple’s popular News app

You made the right choice with

We thought it might be nice to close with some information about why is a stable and smart choice in these trying times, beyond the offer we’re making above.

Operating at scale with a 24×7 on-call team. You saw 60% more traffic to your content during this crisis. That meant a big spike in data and load to our servers. But, with 0% downtime of our real-time analytics engine in the last several months, including through this surge traffic period, we are here for you.’s 24×7 on-call engineering team and no-task-is-too-small support team continues to stand by for any issue that arises.

Fully distributed team. We are thankful and fortunate that our team has been doing work-from-home and fully distributed work since the beginning, some of us as far back as 2009. The widespread office closures, therefore, did not cause us much staff disruption.

Top-rated culture. Our staff has a median tenure of 4.2 years, vs the industry average of 2 years. The team has also rated the company 5.0 out of 5.0 stars on Glassdoor, and we plan to lean into our customer-obsessed culture as we support you through these times.

Top-rated software. We are fortunate that you, our users, have rated us 8.8 stars out of 10.0 on TrustRadius and 4.3 stars out of 5.0 on G2 Crowd, making us one of the top-rated platforms in the entire analytics universe. Thank you for your ratings!

We will continue to be here for you. Join us in April to learn more about Content Conversions. And if there’s any other way we can help, let us know.

-The Founders, Sachin Kamdar (@sachinkamdar) & Andrew Montalenti (@amontalenti)