Sell more advertising and partnership campaigns by proving that your content gets results. gives commercial teams easy-to-access performance data for sponsored content, partnerships, and advertising campaigns.

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Sell campaigns and prove value to clients and prospects with audience attention data.

Use data to sell ad programs

Back your pitch up with audience attention data. Go beyond basic impression and click-through data to show how engaging content on your site really is.

Amplify campaigns by getting them the exposure they deserve

Increase the reach of your sponsored content and partner campaigns. The API will get your content in front of the right people.

Show campaign ROI to customers

Rebook client campaigns by proving that their spend made an impact with your audience. One-click reporting or live, shareable links mean no extra work for you, and more booked revenue.

Our sales team goes out and pitches Slate’s loyal visitors and how much time they spend with our content. Establishing a relationship between engaged time and revenue generation helps frame why engaged time matters for more than only editorial.

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Audience attention more accurately shows the success of a campaign than impressions do.

Read this article to get ideas for how you can use tracking codes to show clients ROI.

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