Access from the Segment Platform

Today, we’re excited to announce an integration with Segment.

Segment is a customer data hub  that makes it even easier for website owners to deploy on their news sites and content marketing hubs. It collects behavioral data from your websites and mobile apps, then sends it to the platforms that you use every day — now including This replaces the process of reading docs, learning APIs, tagging your whole site, and maintaining integrations you might have done in the past.

Here’s what this partnership means for you:

Are you currently using the Segment platform? Simply enter your API key in the Segment control panel and click “save.” All of your user data will automatically flow to

Not using Segment, yet? To get started, sign up for Segment. Send your account manager important customer data events, then flip a switch to integrate wants to make setting up and maintaining the platform on your site as easy as possible, so you can get to the business of analyzing and understanding your audience.

This partnership with Segment is part of’s ongoing efforts to make the process of finding, deploying, and using technology easier for publishing and digital media companies. See more about our available partnerships in our partnership page.