Tiffany France

Data Visualization & Design


Tiffany develops engaging visualizations with data. She uses her love of storytelling, combined with design and technical backgrounds, to illustrate patterns and trends in data.

Tiffany grew up as a military brat from everywhere, USA. She went to college for Literature and Graphic Design, and pursued a Masters of Photography, then spent the next 10 years working as a Software Engineer at companies like Capital One and Google. Her great career passion lies at the intersection of art, UX, and technology, expressed by crafting beautiful, thoughtful, and informative layouts. Her personal heroes are Mike Bostock, Nadieh Bremer, and Giorgia Lupi.

Outside of, Tiffany fills her time caring for a small homestead, spending time with her two daughters, reading, writing, drinking dirty martinis, and laughing as much as possible.