POLL: The State of Digital Media in 2015

From the increasing sophistication of native advertising to the introduction of ad-blocking on mobile, 2015 was an exciting and tumultuous year for the digital media industry.

Parse.ly’s customers are  in the trenches.

Each quarter, the Parse.ly team collects aggregate data from our network of more nearly 400 digital publishers to help us answer some of the questions we’re hearing within the digital media industry. And  now we want to hear directly from you.

What were the most important trends in digital media in 2015, and what issues do you expect to take center stage in 2016?

Take a look back at some of the trends that the Parse.ly team reported in 2014 to see how far the digital publishing industry has come in a single year — and don’t forget to complete this year’s survey for posterity.

In November, we’ll share the results to give you a better sense of where we’re at as an industry, and where we’re headed. Thank you, in advance, for your insight.