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Online Attention Patterns for Movies

Group 1 description

This group can be described as “Mainstream,” based on the size and the spread of the interest across Middle America. It accounted for 38% of all the pageviews analyzed. Its audience was particularly in action films that appeal to a wide range of age groups, especially comic-book action films. Learn more about these groups on our blog.

Group 2 description

This group accounts for 22% of pageviews. In an almost inverse pattern of the Mainstream group, the reader interest comes mostly from urban and coastal regions. And popular movies in this group focus more on adult themes and less on special effects. Learn more about these groups on our blog.

Group 3 description

Movies that were uniquely popular to this group had largely black casts. And the geographic trends for this group closely resemble that of the African American population according to the U.S. census. Films uniquely popular to this group aren't generally popular across the U.S., but in this group, they’re very popular. Learn more about these groups on our blog.

Group 4 description

The pattern of readership in this group closely resembles the geographic distribution of the Hispanic population when compared to census data compiled by Pew Research . 7% of total pageviews visited about movies went to this group. Learn more about these groups on our blog.

Group 5 description

This group, which accounts for 24% of pageviews, is the most difficult to interpret. It is more prevalent in the northern half of the US, and many of its most characteristic films were winter releases, so we tentatively call this the "Winter Release" grouping. Learn more about these groups on our blog.

Top movies unique to this grouping

(by popularity in this group compared to overall popularity)

Overall top movies in this grouping

(by percent of all attention in this grouping)

Where page views for this grouping were highest

map divided by media market area

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