Providing publishers with easy access to audience insights is’s  priority. And as part of that effort, we’ve improved  existing curated reports and created a few new ones.

The reporting suite is an area in the dashboard where digital publishers can quickly create and analyze large sets of data, enabling teams across an entire digital media organization to answer the tough questions they have about their site and audience.

New Reports: Stats Over Time and Details Report

We’ve expanded the Site Stats Over Time Report to include more metrics. The revamped Stats Over Time Report shows how visitors, engaged minutes, and page views have changed over time. Previously, this report only provided an overview of your entire site, but now you can segment for a specific author, section, or tag:


Choose the HTML version of the report for a snapshot view of visitors, engaged minutes, and page views. Export it to CSV or XLSX, to get even more metrics.

The Weekly Digest, Performance Report, and Site Overview Report have been consolidated into the new Details Report:

The response to our dashboard updates have been so positive that we’ve extended many of the same changes to our reporting suite, as reflected in the new Details Report. You can expect the following improvements:

  • Total engaged time: Learn how long people stayed engaged with your site, a specific author, section, or tag.
  • Visitor breakdown: See how many new and returning visitors you had for the selected period of time.
  • Device breakdown: Get a look at where people read your content — on a desktop, mobile device, or tablet.
  • More details on metadata: See details on the top authors, sections, tags, and posts.

The Details Report will also provide better benchmarking:


Report Improvements: Added Filtering, Sorting and Metrics

Within the Top Listings  Report bucket, the Top Tags Report will now  allow you to filter out certain tags, giving you the opportunity to only analyze the tags  in which you have the most interest.


Other improvements worth mentioning:

  • The Evergreen Report now shows the number of visitors
  • Most reports can now be sorted by “social shares, likes, tweets, and pins”
  • Most reports can now be sorted by social referrers and search referrers
  • Several reports include new filtering options, giving you the ability to customize the data sets you pull

How Soon Can I Get These Reports?

To enable the updated Details Report, Stats Over Time, and Top Tags Report, simply contact your Success Manager. They will be able to add the new reports to your account, while ensuring all of your existing recurring reports are maintained.

Need a refresher on setting up reports?

Have other questions about reports, or want to learn more? Visit the help docs.

Happy reporting!