Quotable: Digital Marketing with Yory Wurmser

Newscred recently did an awesome interview with Yory Wurmser, director of marketing and media insights at the Direct Marketing Association. Here are the highlights:

On the big analytics questions:‘How do you harness all of the data you collect?’ and ‘How do you make your own marketing more appropriate to your target audience?’ ‘How do you use the data to first of all customize your messages and you deliver but also to target the right customers?’”

On using social media for marketing purposes:With social media your marketing has to be much more authentic.”

On advertiser sponsored content: “What these are doing that is pretty effective is proving real value: advertising that is in fact that is content in its own right, that people are not going to click over or ignore. A company like that is cutting through the clutter of advertising, the thousands of messages that people see every day, and actually proving something that people want to engage with on its own merit.”

On the future:I think in the next couple of years are going to be big in terms of switching over to mobile. I think what you’re going to get in ten years time is much more targeted, appropriate advertising that takes into account both the behaviors and demographics that are out there already. Direct marketing will be more appropriate and customized and faster. It’s going to be in real time.”