See you at Content Marketing World!

We’re headed to Cleveland, Ohio next week for 2019’s Content Marketing World Conference & Expo! We’re thrilled to learn about what our fellow content marketers have been up to, and we’ll even be sharing some insights ourselves.’s VP of Marketing, Clare Carr, will be speaking on Friday at 9:00am about how we built a content strategy by using data not only to measure our success, but by incorporating it into our content.  

We’ll hit up as many sessions as possible, and the ones we can’t make it to, we hope you do! (Then come tell us all about it at dinner, okay? Reserve your seat here.) Here are a few sessions we’re really excited about:  

Utilizing Instagram to not-so-accidentally grow your brand

Wally Koval, founder of @AccidentallyWesAnderson, will share how AWA tapped into 500k followers on Instagram and built a content marketing model knowing what their audience found engaging and making sure their followers always had the most relevant content.  

Even with Instagram’s limited sharing capabilities, content marketers are developing innovative ways to share content on Instagram. And it’s working. Take link-in-bio products, for instance. We found that an increased adoption of link-in-bio products has bumped up our network’s Instagram referral traffic 10-15%.  

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Christine Shrader,   senior manager of content strategy at Conductor has it exactly right: Google is developing all sorts of new ways to help its users discover content. In our 2018 study, innovations to improve the user’s “search journey” led to some interesting trends in Google Cards, related search pages, and quick search box.  

There’s a lot to demystify with Google, but one thing seems likely: search engine optimization could go much further than SERPs alone.

Search is a great way to figure out what answers your audience seeks. Keeping that intent in mind is what Policygenius has done to engage more readers from search, and boost onsite recirculation by nearly 300%. Search is also at the core of WIRED’s evergreen content strategy. We’re excited to learn how other organizations are providing the answers that their audience really needs.

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When Everyone Is Telling Stories, Yours Better Really Rock: Do’s, Don’ts, and Different Approaches

Who better than to talk about earning an audience through story than journalist-turned-in-house-writer Michelle Park Lazette? We believe that the most successful companies are the ones with the best content, and for the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, clearly Lazette does too.  

What do Harvard, eMarketer, and Delta Airlines all have in common? They’re non-traditional publishers that know how to connect with their audiences through content. Like Lazette’s session description suggests, getting to know your audience is about asking the right questions. We’ll be taking lots of notes!

There’s one more session we’re really stoked about… our own!

Unlock the Data: How to Create an Army of Data-Powered Content Marketers

Our VP of Marketing Clare Carr will be speaking on Friday, September 6th at 9:00am on using data not only to measuring your content, but how to turn data into content.  

You’re already an industry pro, and using data helps your content measure up to your expertise. Carr will go through how to identify data sources that you can use in your content and how to make the most out of the story you’re trying to tell using a COPE content management philosophy—create once, publish everywhere!

Carr has joked, “we’re so meta.” We’re a data insights platform for content, we measure our own data, we write about our data, and we’ve learned a lot about our own content marketing strategy over the years. Carr will go over how she identifies the best content for’s brand, figures out the most efficient way of producing it—oh yeah, and what not to do, like when we stopped producing content. Her strategy is what got on the front page of both The New York Times and WSJ’s business section, and her session is bound to be insightful, transparent, loaded with data-backed results that you can copy right away.