Tracks Distributed Content from Facebook Instant Articles

Today at F8, the Facebook Developer Conference, Facebook announced that its Instant Articles program will be made available to all publishers on the planet. Instant Articles helps publishers to engage audiences on the Facebook platform by making sure their content loads quickly and looks fantastic on mobile devices. has been a partner to Facebook since the launch of Instant Articles — ensuring that digital publishers can track their audiences on the emerging distribution channel. And now that Instant Articles is open to all of’s clients, we are here to provide support and to guide implementation.

Please note: Content breakouts from Facebook Instant Articles may require a tier upgrade, so contact your account manager ( to learn more.

Facebook as a Top Referral Source for Digital Publishers

Digital publishers will soon be able to see traffic broken out by distribution channels — like Facebook Instant Articles or Google AMP — within’s dashboard. We’re thinking carefully about what this will look like now, so the below mock-up below is subject to change.

Distributed Channels

Within the last year, Facebook has emerged as the top place for readers to discover news. From news about the election to celebrity gossip,’s own data shows that Facebook is now the top referral source to our network of digital publishers. This indicates a massive opportunity to increase reader engagement, reach new audiences, and develop additional revenue streams.

Of course, any audience development strategy must be grounded in data and analytics. is the best (and perhaps only!) analytics suite to track digital publishers’ content performance both on-site and via third-party platforms such as Facebook Instant Articles. We know that it is essential for digital publishers to get a holistic view of their entire audience, wherever they may be, so that they can develop the content that resonates best on each of their distribution channels.

Thankfully, Facebook shares’s mission to empower editorial teams with data. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Facebook, and to finding new ways to help publishers succeed.

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