Intern Blog: Off the Beaten Track

I have been at for about six months now, working as the business and marketing intern and one thing I have realized is that I have learned more than I could have imagined. This revelation came to me through having the responsibility of doing any task assigned to me. Whether I was a rookie or a veteran in an area, I realized that being at a company such as allowed me to hone and develop skills I never thought I would possess. I was required to research and teach myself about marketing, advertising, and analytics. This informal way of absorbing new knowledge led to excitement and new endeavours. Never have I felt so free and unrestricted than at, knowing I could virtually work on any project and make a positive and powerful impact.

This comparison comes from a few years of struggling as a pre-med student prior to being engulfed in the tech startup scene. When I had entered college in 2010 I was on the pre-medical track, in which I would eventually go on to medical school and become a doctor. The process was very methodological, requiring me to follow strict rules and restrictions: finish both general chemistry and biology before organic chemistry, study for MCATs during junior year, and apply to medical school by senior year. Of course, there were a few deviations such as taking a gap year, working, or doing research, but it was frowned upon. The main difference I find between being a pre-med student and being at a tech startup is that there is a higher level of uncertainty. You can always take your MCATs again, but can you always bring back a company that has tanked? Probably not, but that risk and uncertainty drives me closer to this industry.


Being at has helped me develop a steady workflow. I stay up to date on news more frequently than I had before. I am always trying to learn new skills outside of work to make me a more efficient and valuable team player. This comes from my dedication to helping improve and knowing that each one of us team members are constantly contributing what we can together. Picking up these habits has been easy due to the awesome people I interact with each day. Joe, our account manager, has taught me that work should be treated with care but also be fun. John, the director of sales and marketing, has taught me that even when you think you are done with a task, you can always make it better. Sachin, the CEO, has showed me that perspective truly lies in the beholder. It has allowed me to look at my work from several point of views in order to realize what it could all mean. is changing the game and I am excited to here at a time when analytics are becoming ever more important. Along with keeping the product updated, has also been focused on the customer and their interaction with the analytics tools we have to offer. Increasing the awareness behind our customers’ needs enables a sustainable and scaleable business. Over the next few weeks the team of interns will continue to reflect on these and similar topics on a much deeper level. Keep a lookout for these blog posts as we comment, reflect, and interact on a weekly basis!

—Afzal Jasani, Business and Marketing Intern