Content Conversions are Now Faster

Today we’re thrilled to announce an update to our Content Conversions feature—it’s now faster. customers using conversions can now expect to see updates to their conversions data within 30 minutes.

Understanding how your content drives growth has never been more important

Eighty-eight percent of customers research online before making a buying decision. This means your content is the point person for your organization, your sales representative—and it’s now the primary driver of growth. 

Awareness only gets you so far. There’s a whole set of actions a reader or prospect can perform when interacting with your content, actions that are much more than page views and time-on-page. 

Media companies might be focused on subscriptions, newsletter signups, or referral links. Other businesses—say, in B2B SaaS—might be more concerned with webinar registrations, demo requests, or mobile app downloads. And every company with an online store is interested in purchases. 

These are the important conversion actions you can measure that take you beyond overall awareness and more directly lead to understanding how your content drives revenue. Getting close to this data is necessary for professional success—both as an individual and as an organization. Data-driven teams always outperform those that are shooting from the hip. 

Yet, for many, figuring out if content leads to an important action has been difficult, which makes proving content ROI to your boss and colleagues difficult as well. This, in turn, slows down planning and breeds uncertainty into your daily experience—will what you’re writing matter? Will it be wasted effort? Can you be ironclad in your certainty that you justify your salary? 

These questions aren’t meant to scare you. They’re coming from a place of empathy—as marketers, editors, and former newsroom people ourselves, we know that the vast majority of us have struggled to prove the impact of our work in real, tangible metrics. We know that more than 60% of marketing leaders don’t fully trust their own data. We know that quality analysis of historical data can be a painstaking task. 

Further complicating this is the reality that after we understand our own data, we also have to find ways to communicate that to the rest of the organization. Getting sales, product, finance and other key stakeholders on board usually takes another step of translation. 

That’s why we created’s Content Conversions tracking. 

Content attribution doesn’t need to be hard’s conversions engine tracks every step of your user’s content journey, up to their final converting action. We equip you with multiple attribution models, so whether you want to value the first piece of content that caught someone’s attention, the last one they read before they finally decided to make their move—or every piece of content in between—you can analyze what is driving results. 

We equip you with prebuilt conversion events drawn from industry use, so you can get started in just a few minutes with tracking newsletter signups, form submissions, purchases, referral links and more. We also allow you to build custom events, empowering you to track the unique moments that indicate that your business is thriving. 

This data is accessible with a number of familiar filters within—such as conversions by page, author, tag, and section. 

Faster conversions means leaning in to your success

With this update to Content Conversions, this data is now available to you within half an hour of the conversion event taking place.

Why is that important? Momentum today is ephemeral. And resources are limited. When something’s hot, you invest in it—whether that’s more paid ads, derivative content, social outreach, or even strategic decisions like deciding to gate (or ungate) a piece of particularly hot content. 

Newsrooms and marketing programs today are especially built on fast-twitch muscle: they are real-time organizations that respond to what’s working and capitalize on that. Without easy access to quick conversions data, your organization will instead build a habit of using and relying on metrics that are not as closely tied to business value. Busy people use what’s in front of them, and what’s easy.’s Content Conversions allows you to understand impact signals at a glance, so you can make smarter decisions about your content—and so your team can make smarter decision-making a regular part of their practice.

It also helps you highlight the impact of those smarter decisions to the rest of your business—also at a glance. You’ll be able to prove to your boss (and their boss) the ROI of your content, without spending hours building reports. You’ll have those hours back—and you’ll know how to use them to drive even bigger results. 

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