APIs Make News Media More Flexible

On June 12th, publishers met at the New York Times Conference Center for International Press Telecommunications Council Business and Technology Day. Whew—that’s a word count killer. NewsCred, the Associated Press, and the New York Times presented on a panel about news media APIs. All three publishers have released an API. They shared how their API increases the flexibility of content creation:

1. NewsCred: NewsCred is, essentially, a news API—a database of hundreds of thousands of articles and images. With a powerful search tool, NewsCred offers direct, fast access to relevant content.

2. The Associated Press: The AP has three APIs: a feed that sends news stories to members, a Content API that permits searching through the AP archives, and a Metadata Service. These APIs allow publishers to conduct research and increase the volume of internal links in web content.

3. The New York Times: For the Times, transitioning from their “Index,” a longstanding (1851!) archive of parsed article content, to an API was easy. The Times has been an innovator in API deployment, using the data to build interactive content and mobile applications.