Expand your team’s reach by engaging with fans and impressing sponsors.

Knowing what your fanbase pays attention to makes your team stand out and creates opportunities for meaningful fan moments. Start understanding what formats, campaigns, and platforms get attention with Parse.ly.

Sports marketers use Parse.ly to understand their audience attention.

Create a marketing strategy that will foster fan loyalty and get the attention of more sponsors.

Expand your brand by knowing what topics or players gain the most attention.

Guide your email, social media, and content marketing strategies with knowledge about what topics and stories generated attention in the past. More attention means more potential for sponsorships.

Start using audience attention data to:

Align your organization around one source of data.

With comprehensive metrics presented in a digestible dashboard, you don't have to jump between tools to understand what makes your audience pay attention.

Evaluate post formats and distribution.

Know if you should be spending time on more videos or long-form player profiles with engagement data in Parse.ly. Figure out what platforms work the best for you to distribute content with referral data.

Show campaign ROI to sponsors

Retain sponsors by proving that their spend made an impact with your audience. One-click reporting with live, shareable links mean no extra work for you, and more booked revenue.

Learn more about how sales teams use Parse.ly.

Take a closer look at the success of video, text, and slideshows to see if the overall impact of a piece of content is connected to its layout.

Download this report now to make sure you're working in a medium your audience pays attention to.

The Timberwolves keep fans engaged with the Parse.ly API

Give your readers the articles they want. The Timberwolves reveal trending articles and give their fans the power to select what time fram they are interested in seeing with the Parse.ly API.

Start engaging with your fans and impressing your sponsors with audience attention data.

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