Prove that your sponsored content gets results.

Arm your team with data on how native ads, marketing campaigns, and sponsored content perform.

Fast access to analytics for commercial and ad sales teams.

Shareable links that update in real-time.

Don’t make extra work for your team. Give clients live links that allow them to monitor their campaigns in real-time.

Tie campaign performance to engagement.

Show how campaign performance translates to engagement with your client’s content. Impress them with metrics that go beyond page views whether it’s through an ad, newsletter plug, or social media campaign with campaign tracking.

Share links to specific pages without having to
                     give full dashboard access. Check on the link usage
                     in your profile.

Retain customers with transparent and accurate reporting on their native ad programs.

Rebook client campaigns by proving that their spend made an impact with your audience. One-click reporting or live, shareable links mean no extra work for you and more booked revenue.

Optimize sponsored content promotion by being data-driven.

Make sure sponsored content is seen by the readers that are most likely to read and ensure you maximize campaign performance it with content personalization.

Our sales team goes out and pitches Slate’s loyal visitors and how much time they spend with our content. Establishing a relationship between engaged time and revenue generation helps frame why engaged time matters for more than only editorial.

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