Hearing social signals in a world of digital noise


Mallory Johns - Engagement Editor at Popular Science, @mmsuperflyjr
Melissa Gilkey - Head of Audience Growth at Upworthy, @melissa_gilkey
John Levitt, General Manager at Parse.ly, @johnMlevitt

Engaging audiences on social media channels requires not only creativity but an effective use of data. With multiplying platforms and changing algorithms, it’s more difficult than ever to understand what “works” on social.

Join this webinar to get an inside look at how Melissa Gilkey from Upworthy and Mallory Johns from Popular Science develop their social media strategies. You’ll hear about:

  • What metrics best benchmark success and how they’re applied to strategy
  • How their strategies differ among platforms
  • How user consumption patterns affect their distribution strategy
  • What channels they see the most success on and why

This webinar is in partnership with NewsWhip. NewsWhip is a content strategy platform powering a suite of trending, predictive analytics products - which help publishers understand what works across social.

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