2022 Content Marketing Toolkit

October 06, 2021

Tips and Tools for Budgeting, Planning, and Reporting on Content ROI

Businesses are starting to set budgets for 2022 which means marketers need to demonstrate bottom-line impact. Do you have the data and insights to secure the budget for your content marketing strategy next year?

We put together a toolkit to help you prepare your 2022 content marketing budget. It contains resources for organizing your investments, reporting on content performance, and preparing your pitch to executives.

Make sure you have the budget to be even more successful next year - whether that means hiring extra writers, creating more video content, or purchasing new tech. Download the toolkit today!

This toolkit includes:

  • [Template] How to Write a Content Marketing Budget (and Get it Approved!): Learn how to align your metrics with business KPIs in order to justify content's value and present it in the language of the C-suite.
  • [Guide] The Content Marketer's Funnel: Plan a content strategy that moves buyers along their journey - from becoming a top-of-funnel lead to making a purchase decision - and measure performance at every stage to improve conversion.
  • [Video] Measuring Content ROI: How to Make the Case for a Bigger Budget in 2022: Marketing leaders from InsightSquared and WordPress VIP discuss what to take into account when planning your 2022 content marketing strategy.
Download the Toolkit
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