Beyond the dashboard: what you can learn from raw audience data

October 10, 2016


Erin Franz, Technical Lead, Looker - @erinfranz
Andrew Montalenti, CTO, - @amontalenti

As media companies bring in more data scientists and analysts, these teams need better ways to access and analyze their sites’ data. has been collecting billions of data points from media companies across the globe to power dashboards, but now we’re asking what this data could mean for the people doing the deep dives into audience insights or creating new online experiences.

During this webinar,’s CTO will walk through how raw, clean and enriched audience data can be delivered in real-time to your in-house analytics tools or data warehouse.

  • See live use-cases in Looker, a BI tool that allows you to build dashboards over any SQL data warehouse.
  • Find out how streaming raw, unfiltered data about your site’s content can be the key to unlocking audience revenue.
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