Why Your Next Big Marketing Win is in Content Repurposing

September 01, 2021

60% of companies struggle to produce content regularly while 65% find it challenging to create content that engages their audience. Constantly cranking out new content simply isn’t a sustainable strategy nor an efficient use of company resources. 

When it comes to content, organizations have 3 approaches: they can create it, curate it or repurpose it. This guide breaks down the benefits of repurposing your content, how to determine which content is “repurpose-worthy”, and the types of experiments you can run.

Download the guide to learn how you can uncover hidden gems and create more evergreen pieces in your archive. Get the most out of your content and maximize ROI with repurposing.

The guide covers:

  • Why you should be repurposing your content: Fill up gaps in your marketing calendar, drive more engagement, save time and energy
  • How to decide which content to repurpose: Prioritize your archive and conduct an audit to find out which pieces are driving the most results
  • Tying content performance to business results: Define what success looks like, whether its conversions, engagement or SEO
Download The Guide
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