How to Write a Content Marketing Budget

January 20, 2021

Marketing budgets are increasingly tight and the volatile climate isn’t helping. Businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs, but uncertainty adds even more pressure. Don’t let your content budget end up on the chopping block.

You already know that content can be a revenue driver, if you have the right technology and resources. This guide walks through how to showcase content’s value to leadership and secure the budget you need to execute your strategy. Learn how to craft a content budget that’s easy to understand and evaluate (and approve!).


  • Justify Content’s Value: Measure the performance of your content using sales-driven metrics like audience engagement and number of leads generated.
  • Align Metrics with Business KPIs: Figure out which content areas you want to focus on and how they correlate with company goals. Should you adjust those areas?
  • Prepare Your Pitch: Similar to evaluating a new CRM or proposed ad budget, leaders need to see exactly how an investment into content will impact the bottom line.

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