Tool Fatigue is real: best practices for using CrowdTangle & together

July 26, 2019

Avoid Tool Fatigue with and Crowdtangle

Analysis paralysis…we’ve all been there. Today’s digital world is bloated with data, and even if you know what it all measures and means, making sure you know what to do with it is what really counts. Organizations of all shapes and sizes have loads of data, but there’s so much going on that they’re not always able to derive actionable insights from it. That’s where we come in: two of the most popular platforms for content strategists and writers everywhere work in tandem.

In a recent webinar, CrowdTangle’s Sam Bennet and’s Mackenzie Meyer teamed up to offer tips to help you save time with your two favorite tools. As we like to say, you don’t need more data, you need more relevant data. Choose from one of the workflows below to find the perfect x CrowdTangle combination that’s most relevant to you!

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