How brands and publishers use content analytics—and where there’s room to grow

Publishers, brands and agencies are currently operating in a content-rich media ecosystem. And all content (and the audiences that consume it) leaves behind a footprint of data and analytics.

There’s a key distinction, though, between accessing data and implementing insights to identify success (and turn that into future, repeatable successes). For all the talk of data and analytics seeping into digital media companies and brands invested in content marketing, we wanted to know what action was being taken and where the gaps still exist.

This report is a comprehensive look at the state of data for 270 brand, agency and publisher content professionals from Digiday's audience. Survey respondents revealed metrics they consider most useful, the siloed state of their offices when it comes to data access, and how their analytics end up impacting the content they create. The findings speak to the maturity level of the marketplace when it comes to using analytics.

Topics covered in the report include:

  • Why data access doesn’t always equal data literacy
  • What success looks like for brands vs. publishers
  • Which metrics brands and publishers find least useful
  • Diagnosing the analytics hang-ups
  • Tying analytics to production
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