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QUIZ: How do your content analytics skills compare?

Publishers, brands, and agencies are currently operating in a content-rich media ecosystem. All of this content (and the audiences that consume it) leaves behind a footprint: the data and analytics it produces.

See how you compare to other content creators in terms of accessing, understanding, and applying analytics now with this quiz!

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Which of the following metrics best determine whether a piece of content was successful?

Please select two:

Which of the following metrics are you most often asked to predict or report as part of your role?

Please select two:

Are you personally able to access the analytics for the content your organization creates?

Please select one:

How well do you understand those analytics?

Please select one:

How often do you make decisions based off of those analytics?

Please select one:

Which of the following departments have access to the content analytics within your company?

Select all that apply.

Are you able to use insights from your content analytics to inform the production or distribution of later content?

Please select one:

Does your organization’s content strategy involve analytics?

Please select one:
Skill level

Industry Leader

You’re ahead of the curve when it comes to applying data insights.

Skill level

Analytics Pro

Data is a significant part of your content strategy. Now for the next step: taking action on insights.

Skill level

Ready to Learn!

You know that analytics have potential, but you are in search of inspiration for making them matter.

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