Optimizing evergreen content for longer lifespans

April 10, 2015

Media producers work hard to create stories that audiences will want to read and share online. To do that well, you have to not only produce interesting and unique articles, you also have to work against the clock. The pace of digital publishing means that readers' attention moves on quickly to the next and newest piece. In short? Your articles have a shelf life.

Unlike most articles, which have an average shelf life of 2 days, evergreen articles generate meaningful traffic well beyond their publish dates. Understanding how to extend the lifespan of an article opens up opportunities to develop valuable evergreen content.

Included in this Authority Report:

  • Evaluating evergreen articles and how many exist
  • How long an article typically lasts online
  • How social media affects article lifespan
  • Top traffic referral sources to the Parse.ly network

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